Street magic by David Blaine – the miracle who recreates magic

Street magic implies a form and art of magic; this typically involves the magician or the performer drawing groups of people together for attention, in order to display his or her tricks and magic performances. This usually involves the performance of a per-determined act. In return, the magician can then request a nominal pay for the act, traditionally by passing their hat for the favors. This has been an entertaining activity even today, however, the modes of display of such talent and skill have undergone a lot of advancement and betterment, with the modernization of the world.

The trends in street magic have undergone constant evolution with the invention of new tricks and methods of magic games and theories. The concept of street magic almost always involves card tricks, visual effects, illusions and mental games, and so on. There have been various famous street magicians and artists who have gained and earned many accolades and fame for their performances, hard work and skill at all their tricks.

One such street magician and illusionist is David Blaine, who is known the world over for his talent and unnatural abilities in street magic and tricks of illusion. Blaine is known to have his own set in invented tricks and magic, because of which he is also known to bring to the world, his own specialized brand of magic and wizardry.

David Blaine has also regularly hosted television shows, and has displayed an array of beautifully deceptive magic in all these shows. He aims to bring to the world all the long forgotten magic that was invented hundreds of years ago, recreate it for his viewers and inspire them with the same. From being buried alive in an underground plastic box for seven days, to standing on a tall and narrow pillar continuously for more than a day, he has tried all possible feats and survived them. And hence, there is no reason why Blaine wouldn’t achieve the fame and following that he so truly deserves.



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