Learn the basic magic tricks and earn part time income

The magic skills are to be learned from the basic level to the expert level. These magic skills are taught to the heirs of the popular magicians at the initial stage of beginner magic tricks when they are young. This skill is formed into the brains when the persons are in the childhood stage from their parents’ familiar in the magic skills. Then only these young could become an expert magician in their future life. In some other families the persons are learning the beginner magic tricks to earn part time income. They might be working in any official organizations. Due to the self interest and to have hobby in life they select the magic skill to be learned well. They perform shows in the auditorium and earn money for their performance. By this way they are learning their magic skills more and more to the advanced levels and simultaneously they earn money as an additional income to their families.


The magicians perform the magic using the basic magic tricks which could not be known to the viewers. They use their magic techniques to disappear of the small objects from the audience’s eyes and bring back the items to the visual again within few minutes. They are acting promptly to divert the viewer’s concentration. In some times, they utter different worlds that have no meaning to distract the viewers’ concentration and finally do their magic. The viewers are wondering about the happenings and curious to know what has happened to convert the items into the different forms.

The persons perform basic magic tricks with the children and family persons or to earn extra income through the magic skills. In some adventurous magic performances, the children are not allowed to view the magic. The fire related magic performances are deemed dangerous to be viewed or participated by the persons below eighteen years. The popular business companies sponsor the programs and give publicity to the magic shows performed by such professional magicians. The entertainment parks, the authorities would appoint the magicians on contractual basis to perform magic works to the visitors. The magicians have to follow the terms and condition to perform certain dangerous magic skills. The government has to sanction permission for conducting the risky magic shows that involves the life of the magicians or causes harmful injuries on the magician’s body. The magicians has to perform such magic on his own risk to face the consequences.



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