Watch the coin magic tricks and enjoy your time in astonishment.

The magicians perform several magic tricks in the street magic performances. The magicians perform magic card tricks, coin magic tricks and magic with flower bouquets with his excellent magic skills. If you happen to see a magic performed by a skilled magician you will come to know the exciting facts in the coin magic tricks and its methods. The magician holds a hand full of coins and asks a viewer to take a specific coin from the whole coins. The coin taken by the viewer is marked with the pen and joined with the other coins .Now the magicians show the hand full of coins to the crowd but the marked coin is not there in the hands or in the packets of the magician. After few seconds the magicians show the coins and the viewer is taking the marked coin from the set of coins. This magic trick is a hide and appears magic with the coins and known as swindling coin magic trick. There is another coin magic is there. In this method the coin is clearly shown to the audiences and the magician makes the same coins into the larger size coins directly before the spectators. Then the viewers check the size of those two coins. Thereafter the magician show the smaller size coins that were shown earlier. This method is called as double coin magic method.


In another magic trick the magician throws the whole set of coins before the crowd and empty his hands. After a while the set of coins reappear in his hands. Nobody knows what happened in between the seconds that the magician has brought back the thrown coins back again onto his hands. The learners can learn the coin magic tricks by reading the instructions given in the magic guidance book. The training schools also functioning in the world to teach magic to the interested children or elders.

The magicians use innumerable accessories in performing the magic. They use long benches, tables’ cupboards and hide the person inside the bureaus. They would make them to come out from the table after performing their magic tricks instantaneously on the stage. The street magicians are performing plenty of card magic tricks and magic tricks with cards as they are making the crowd to enjoy their time while they come for shopping. The whole crowd feels excited and wonders how this would be possible for a human being like other common persons. The magicians do hard efforts to possess that unique magic skill with them.




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