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How to learn and do easy magic tricks

Magic tricks

Despite the fact that magic tricks look easy, they are not. There are many factors which play a key role or influence every trick. Few of these factors include skill, talent, knowledge, perfection and timing. Magic is all about the right timing. A little bit of timing issue can spoil the trick royally. Keeping in mind the curiosity among people with respect to magic and the vintage magic tricks, today there are many forums which facilitate tutorials. Every beginner magician requires a forum where he can get to know how to learn magic tricks. Learning and performing go hand in hand as no trick can be mastered unless practiced repeatedly.

Learn them online

How to learn magic tricks is a common question most of the beginners have. The answer to this can be found by simply browsing on the internet. The internet houses numerous websites which promote magic. Here one can learn and understand the magic trick in no time thanks to the step-by-step directives and videos. The whole magic trick is explained so well that any layman can follow and practice magic in no time. Regardless of a vintage or modern magic trick, find numerous tricks online today. Watch magicians performing live, one can be inspired to learn more magic

How to do easy magic tricks

While few of the magic tricks involve advanced skill and finesse, there are many interesting yet easy magic tricks one can learn. These tricks do not involve any rare or high-end prop but comprise of household props. The easy availability of these props is what allures a beginner to learn the trick. Every magic trick is easy to perform if learn the right way. For learning the magic, one can simply browse and select the right portal according to one’s expectations and preference. There are umpteen numbers of magicians today who have advertised online to spread their knowledge and nurture amateur magicians.

The easy magic tricks

Few of the easy magic tricks revolve around coins and cards. Ordinary playing cards can be transformed into a mesmerizing magic effortlessly. Learn how to do easy magic tricks without much effort or difficulty by following the instructions thoroughly online. Though one can find numerous books which are equally promising, sometimes visual aid turns out to be more effective than any other medium. Make every trick an easy one with the help of the online tutors.



Levitation magic trick for kids

Levitation is the act of rising an object or body from the ground without a solid physical support. Levitation is described as a phenomenon which can be done with various non-contact forces that help to raise an object or a body against the pull of gravitation. Levitation can be explained in terms of science by means of magnetic force, aerodynamics, optical levitation, etc. However, there are some people who claim that levitation can also occur by spiritual enlightenment. To levitate with spiritual power is a very difficult task only yogis and saints were able to achieve levitation with spirituality. In modern magic shows, levitation is often an item shown by the magicians. Hence, levitation magic trick is often a popular attraction for children and magicians want to perform such magic shows in front of children.


Whenever you might think of hosting a magic show for children then you might think of performing some free magic tricks for kids. The children in front of whom you will perform would definitely feel exhilarated by seeing the magic show. Hosting a magic show is one of the best ways of giving your kids an enjoyable treat. Many people can perform magic shows themselves and might not depend on professional magicians for showing magic in front of a homely crowd. However, if it is in front of a large crowd then professional magicians are generally hired. However, if you want to bring the essence of professional magic shows even in front of a homely crowd then you would need to learn some of the free magic tricks for kids to entertain them to the fullest.


While you might be learning some of the small types of magic tricks for playing the magician at a homely magic show, there are some bigger magic shows that can be performed to entertain them by keeping them awestruck. One such way is to do the levitation magic trick in front of them. It is an easy and cheap way of entertaining children. All you need is a big piece of cloth like a bed sheet or bed cover. The next thing is two pieces of sticks or rods shaped like a pair of legs. Hold this in lying down position and keep your body covered with the cloth. Stretch your arms to make the rods go up to your feet. Now simultaneously lift your head and the sticks, so that it appears that your entire body from the head to the toe is getting lifted.