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How to learn and do easy magic tricks

Magic tricks

Despite the fact that magic tricks look easy, they are not. There are many factors which play a key role or influence every trick. Few of these factors include skill, talent, knowledge, perfection and timing. Magic is all about the right timing. A little bit of timing issue can spoil the trick royally. Keeping in mind the curiosity among people with respect to magic and the vintage magic tricks, today there are many forums which facilitate tutorials. Every beginner magician requires a forum where he can get to know how to learn magic tricks. Learning and performing go hand in hand as no trick can be mastered unless practiced repeatedly.

Learn them online

How to learn magic tricks is a common question most of the beginners have. The answer to this can be found by simply browsing on the internet. The internet houses numerous websites which promote magic. Here one can learn and understand the magic trick in no time thanks to the step-by-step directives and videos. The whole magic trick is explained so well that any layman can follow and practice magic in no time. Regardless of a vintage or modern magic trick, find numerous tricks online today. Watch magicians performing live, one can be inspired to learn more magic

How to do easy magic tricks

While few of the magic tricks involve advanced skill and finesse, there are many interesting yet easy magic tricks one can learn. These tricks do not involve any rare or high-end prop but comprise of household props. The easy availability of these props is what allures a beginner to learn the trick. Every magic trick is easy to perform if learn the right way. For learning the magic, one can simply browse and select the right portal according to one’s expectations and preference. There are umpteen numbers of magicians today who have advertised online to spread their knowledge and nurture amateur magicians.

The easy magic tricks

Few of the easy magic tricks revolve around coins and cards. Ordinary playing cards can be transformed into a mesmerizing magic effortlessly. Learn how to do easy magic tricks without much effort or difficulty by following the instructions thoroughly online. Though one can find numerous books which are equally promising, sometimes visual aid turns out to be more effective than any other medium. Make every trick an easy one with the help of the online tutors.



Levitation magic trick for kids

Levitation is the act of rising an object or body from the ground without a solid physical support. Levitation is described as a phenomenon which can be done with various non-contact forces that help to raise an object or a body against the pull of gravitation. Levitation can be explained in terms of science by means of magnetic force, aerodynamics, optical levitation, etc. However, there are some people who claim that levitation can also occur by spiritual enlightenment. To levitate with spiritual power is a very difficult task only yogis and saints were able to achieve levitation with spirituality. In modern magic shows, levitation is often an item shown by the magicians. Hence, levitation magic trick is often a popular attraction for children and magicians want to perform such magic shows in front of children.


Whenever you might think of hosting a magic show for children then you might think of performing some free magic tricks for kids. The children in front of whom you will perform would definitely feel exhilarated by seeing the magic show. Hosting a magic show is one of the best ways of giving your kids an enjoyable treat. Many people can perform magic shows themselves and might not depend on professional magicians for showing magic in front of a homely crowd. However, if it is in front of a large crowd then professional magicians are generally hired. However, if you want to bring the essence of professional magic shows even in front of a homely crowd then you would need to learn some of the free magic tricks for kids to entertain them to the fullest.


While you might be learning some of the small types of magic tricks for playing the magician at a homely magic show, there are some bigger magic shows that can be performed to entertain them by keeping them awestruck. One such way is to do the levitation magic trick in front of them. It is an easy and cheap way of entertaining children. All you need is a big piece of cloth like a bed sheet or bed cover. The next thing is two pieces of sticks or rods shaped like a pair of legs. Hold this in lying down position and keep your body covered with the cloth. Stretch your arms to make the rods go up to your feet. Now simultaneously lift your head and the sticks, so that it appears that your entire body from the head to the toe is getting lifted.



Thrill with Coin magic tricks

People are very much interested in magic. Irrespective of ages each and every one will cheer to the tricks which the magicians do. Coming to the case of children they will ever imagine all the magic shows they have watched in their life. Hence the parents will take them to at least one show and entertain them in every way. On the other hand there are even various people who are very much interested in teaching all these to the kids. In the olden days learning magic is a very great thing and there used to be very less resources for this. However with the advent in the technology there are various shows in the online and even in the television. Children are learning just by watching them.

h9There are even various exhibitions and there are many schools which are teaching all these to the kids. Hence for this reason ensure that your kid is learning all these in the course of time. Once they grow up there would be nothing for them to learn. The zeal and interest will even decrease. Coin magic tricks are the easiest tricks that are did by the magicians in the beginning. They need nothing other than the coins and some medium to do the magic.

Hence try to learn all these simple tricks with great concentration. Once you understand the logic behind you will be the queen or the king in the group and everyone will be coming back of you. In this corporate world there must be many skills in order to prove you. Hence for these reasons it is in the childhood and in your young age if you learn them. It will be an added advantage for you. There are few tricks like doubling the number of coins or increasing the coins that are kept in the book. This is very interesting one and there are many people who knew this even though they do not know the trick behind.

Are you interested to learn these tricks after reading this article? Then do not make delay and start finding some information regarding the same. It is in the internet there are various articles which describe you how to do all these coin magic tricks to learn. Thus it is with in no time you can read all of them and thus you can stay unique in the group. You can learn them within a short time.

Watch the coin magic tricks and enjoy your time in astonishment.

The magicians perform several magic tricks in the street magic performances. The magicians perform magic card tricks, coin magic tricks and magic with flower bouquets with his excellent magic skills. If you happen to see a magic performed by a skilled magician you will come to know the exciting facts in the coin magic tricks and its methods. The magician holds a hand full of coins and asks a viewer to take a specific coin from the whole coins. The coin taken by the viewer is marked with the pen and joined with the other coins .Now the magicians show the hand full of coins to the crowd but the marked coin is not there in the hands or in the packets of the magician. After few seconds the magicians show the coins and the viewer is taking the marked coin from the set of coins. This magic trick is a hide and appears magic with the coins and known as swindling coin magic trick. There is another coin magic is there. In this method the coin is clearly shown to the audiences and the magician makes the same coins into the larger size coins directly before the spectators. Then the viewers check the size of those two coins. Thereafter the magician show the smaller size coins that were shown earlier. This method is called as double coin magic method.


In another magic trick the magician throws the whole set of coins before the crowd and empty his hands. After a while the set of coins reappear in his hands. Nobody knows what happened in between the seconds that the magician has brought back the thrown coins back again onto his hands. The learners can learn the coin magic tricks by reading the instructions given in the magic guidance book. The training schools also functioning in the world to teach magic to the interested children or elders.

The magicians use innumerable accessories in performing the magic. They use long benches, tables’ cupboards and hide the person inside the bureaus. They would make them to come out from the table after performing their magic tricks instantaneously on the stage. The street magicians are performing plenty of card magic tricks and magic tricks with cards as they are making the crowd to enjoy their time while they come for shopping. The whole crowd feels excited and wonders how this would be possible for a human being like other common persons. The magicians do hard efforts to possess that unique magic skill with them.


Learn the basic magic tricks and earn part time income

The magic skills are to be learned from the basic level to the expert level. These magic skills are taught to the heirs of the popular magicians at the initial stage of beginner magic tricks when they are young. This skill is formed into the brains when the persons are in the childhood stage from their parents’ familiar in the magic skills. Then only these young could become an expert magician in their future life. In some other families the persons are learning the beginner magic tricks to earn part time income. They might be working in any official organizations. Due to the self interest and to have hobby in life they select the magic skill to be learned well. They perform shows in the auditorium and earn money for their performance. By this way they are learning their magic skills more and more to the advanced levels and simultaneously they earn money as an additional income to their families.


The magicians perform the magic using the basic magic tricks which could not be known to the viewers. They use their magic techniques to disappear of the small objects from the audience’s eyes and bring back the items to the visual again within few minutes. They are acting promptly to divert the viewer’s concentration. In some times, they utter different worlds that have no meaning to distract the viewers’ concentration and finally do their magic. The viewers are wondering about the happenings and curious to know what has happened to convert the items into the different forms.

The persons perform basic magic tricks with the children and family persons or to earn extra income through the magic skills. In some adventurous magic performances, the children are not allowed to view the magic. The fire related magic performances are deemed dangerous to be viewed or participated by the persons below eighteen years. The popular business companies sponsor the programs and give publicity to the magic shows performed by such professional magicians. The entertainment parks, the authorities would appoint the magicians on contractual basis to perform magic works to the visitors. The magicians have to follow the terms and condition to perform certain dangerous magic skills. The government has to sanction permission for conducting the risky magic shows that involves the life of the magicians or causes harmful injuries on the magician’s body. The magicians has to perform such magic on his own risk to face the consequences.

You can learn magic tricks through the professional magicians

The persons who are learning the magic tricks are learning only to enjoy their time with their family. Some persons learn magic tricks to earn additional income to the family. There are some other people learning the magic skills as they have passion in acquiring the magic skills. One can bend the metal pieces easily by using the magic skills. There are many ways to learn magic tricks. The interested persons can learn magic tricks from the magic books. Some other people refer to the internet and learn the magic tricks by relevant websites in which the different magic tricks are revealed and explained completely about the ways and methods. Generally the magicians are using the cards and coins to do magic. They perform magic with birds, flower bouquets, pet animals and attracts the audience’ minds.


The secret of success in the magic skills lies on constant practices. The learners would continuously practice the magic skills what they have performed as trial basis in their houses before coming to the stage. They learn magic tricks and practice many times and they prepare to face the challenging magic tricks on the stage before the innumerable audiences. The most preferred choice in the magic by the viewers is to vanish of visual product and to reappear among audiences. The magicians would make the different types of magic on stage. They call one of the audiences and take a valuable jewel from him. After some time, some other person would come to the stage wearing the same jewel and hand over the jewel to the person. The magicians play magic skills with women on the stage. Generally the women members of the magicians’ family are well trained to take part in the magic performances from their childhood by their fathers who are expert in the magic field. Other women in the audience group might not be willing to come to the stage and participate in the magic playing activities.

The children learn magic tricks from the special school that has been offering the magic skills to the children with costly magic accessories and magic sets. They teach from the simple methods and basic magic skills to the students and finally they teach about the technical aspects and hiding skills to the learners. The magic skill has to be learned with patience and with passion. The students should have perseverance to make use of entire magic tricks in their performances.

Street magic by David Blaine – the miracle who recreates magic

Street magic implies a form and art of magic; this typically involves the magician or the performer drawing groups of people together for attention, in order to display his or her tricks and magic performances. This usually involves the performance of a per-determined act. In return, the magician can then request a nominal pay for the act, traditionally by passing their hat for the favors. This has been an entertaining activity even today, however, the modes of display of such talent and skill have undergone a lot of advancement and betterment, with the modernization of the world.

The trends in street magic have undergone constant evolution with the invention of new tricks and methods of magic games and theories. The concept of street magic almost always involves card tricks, visual effects, illusions and mental games, and so on. There have been various famous street magicians and artists who have gained and earned many accolades and fame for their performances, hard work and skill at all their tricks.

One such street magician and illusionist is David Blaine, who is known the world over for his talent and unnatural abilities in street magic and tricks of illusion. Blaine is known to have his own set in invented tricks and magic, because of which he is also known to bring to the world, his own specialized brand of magic and wizardry.

David Blaine has also regularly hosted television shows, and has displayed an array of beautifully deceptive magic in all these shows. He aims to bring to the world all the long forgotten magic that was invented hundreds of years ago, recreate it for his viewers and inspire them with the same. From being buried alive in an underground plastic box for seven days, to standing on a tall and narrow pillar continuously for more than a day, he has tried all possible feats and survived them. And hence, there is no reason why Blaine wouldn’t achieve the fame and following that he so truly deserves.